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Get it Together
Callie and Arizona just need to agree on one thing and soon. Otherwise I am rooting for divorce. Same for Meredith and Derek — why is she so mad he declined the offer? Because she doesn’t want him to resent her or because she was secretly, horribly, as she might say, wishing for an excuse to end the “The Miracle?”
-Karen Fratti

Ah the delightful Karen Fratti. This is the “journalist” (more like disgruntled fan by the way she writes) who replaced Maggie Furlong at the beginning of last season when Maggie left for yahoo tv. Side note: Huffington Post used to have some of the most extensive Grey’s coverage and interviews- they did the season 9 Sara interview that seems now in hindsight to have been foreshadowing. Now they have nothing but Karen’s simpleton reviews. Karen actively called for their divorce all last year, strongly dislikes them together and has a super duper hatred for Arizona. It’s a shame that Huffington Post doesn’t see fit to be better in their coverage now.

The way baby Tuck looks away throwing shade is too much! He is his mother’s son. LOL



Knew that was gonna happen….

Airing shows earlier in different countries is such a horrible idea…

And how much you wanna bet this will happen with Grey’s too?

Ugh! I enjoy spoilers and trying to figure things out BUT if I find out exactly what happens my interest level in live viewing it does lessen to a degree. If this happens with Grey’s I will have to stay off Tumblr for 24 hours wed-thurs until I see it.


According to zap2it the title for episode 5 is “Bend and Break” not Crime and Punishment like originally stated by someone.


According to zap2it the title for episode 5 is “Bend and Break” not Crime and Punishment like originally stated by someone.

I was trying to think what Callie’s on edge behavior reminded me of in 11x01 and then I watched 7x13 (also directed by McKidd) which was a bit more heightened because of the hormone casserole. So are we to surmise that when Callie is unsure about the strength of her relationship with Arizona she projects those feelings onto babies? :)

Except in 7x13 she voiced her fears to Mark as a sounding board that she was worried about Arizona leaving her again. Now she is trying to navigate these emotions with the person and relationship causing her the anxiety. Except I would guess that maybe Callie is not completely sure of the real cause of her worry at this point. But maybe they will learn to talk directly to each other again through this and not dance around the scary stuff.


Weird observation: as a scientist it drives me crazy that she takes off her gloves like this. What’s the point of wearing gloves if you touch the part of the glove that touched the nasty?

You are exactly right. I blame the medical team on the show. She wore her stethoscope backwards for two years and her OWN pediatrician had to tell her! But removal of gloves is basic med 101…and it is not like this at all. Someone should tweet McKee or Harper about it.

'Geena Davis joins the cast this year as a surgeon who Arizona aims to please. “It's the first time you kind of see Arizona off her game because she wants to pass muster for Geena Davis' character,” says Jessica Capshaw. “She wants to be as good as and enough for her. She has a different specialty so she wants to be everything for her.”'

This is a recent Jessica quote from I just found it interesting that she used the phrases “she wants to be…enough for her” and “everything for her” when describing Arizona’s professional relationship with Dr. Herman. These are the same phrases many of us have used to describe what Arizona wants from her personal relationship with Callie. I just thought the word choices were interesting.